Monday, August 1, 2011

Kroger General Mills & Milk Deal through 8/2/11. Paid $1.94

Kroger has this great deal right now where you buy 4 participating General Mills items and u get 2 Gallons of Milk for Free! This is such a good deal, that I thought it needed it's own post! Here's what I got, but there are a ton of participating items to choose from and a ton of coupons, to see a detailed list, visit my resource for all things Kroger at I Heart Kroger, and read the post here.

Here's the transaction breakdown:

Cheerios $2.49
Used: $0.50 off Original Cheerios from 06/26 Smart Source Insert
= $1.49 after double x 2 boxes = $2.98

Nature Valley Granola Thins $2.49
Used: $0.50 off Nature Valley Granola Thins PRINTABLE from or
= $1.49 after double x 2 boxes = $2.98

Springdale Milk $0.98 x 2 = $1.96
FREE when you buy 4 participating General Mills Products

HOWEVER, the registers at Kroger recognize the Milk's pre-sale price of $2.99, so they don't just give you FREE Milk, the register deducts $2.99 twice! Giving us the calculations below:

Total for all 6 items after coupons:
$7.92 ($2.98 + $2.98 + $1.96)
-$5.98 ($2.99 x 2),
= $1.94!

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