Friday, April 22, 2011

Walgreens Trip 4/22/11

What a trip! It was a good week at Walgreens....

I got all of this for just $13.15! See the weekly deals here. The Sinus rinses were money makers after coupons and Register Rewards, the Scotch Magic tape and Goody hair accessories were free after Register Rewards, the Scott Towels were $2.50 after coupons, the Dove candy were 2 for $0.03 after coupons. The Color Wonder was 2 for $1.00 after coupons, the Fantastik Sprays were each $1.25 after coupons, the windex were $1.75 after coupons and last but not least, the Pull Ups were $5.99 after coupons and Register Rewards.

I started with $12.00 in Register Rewards and ended with Zero. So technically I paid $25.15 for everything. Anyone who purchases Pull-Ups, or any type of diapers will know that It's about $10.00 per pack, so I think I still got a great deal. I got a lot of things that I needed and some that I just wanted to stock up on, and some that were just a fantastic deal - ahem, the Dove candy!

Hope your shopping trip was good!

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