Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Shopping Trips for 3/10/11

I did a lot of work today, but it really paid off! I even met a nice lady at Kroger who asked me to teach a coupon class!
Total: $173.22. Paid: $25.18. Earned $12.50 in rewards to use on my next shopping trips!

I went to 5 different stores, and if you want the breakdown of each, here's the links:

Total: $43.17.
Paid: $0.27.
Earned $8.00 in Extra Care Bucks.

Total: $23.13.
Paid: $4.15.
Earned: $1.50 in Register Rewards

Total: $34.44.
Paid: $7.34

Total: $21.71.
Paid: $4.87

Total: $50.77.
Paid: $8.55.
Earned: $3.00 to use on my next shopping trip

Happy Shopping!
 - Veronica

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