Sunday, March 27, 2011

Target Trip 3/26/11

It's been a crazy week. I came down with something in the begining of the week, then I had family visit toward the weekend. I didn't have time to cut coupons, look for deals, or shop! I finally did some shopping today at the very last minute! I literally was checking out at midnight before the sales ended... Whew, here's what I got at Target...

Total: $123.18. Paid: $55.54. I SAVED $67.64!
(forgot to add to the picture 2 - Sobe Waters. They were in fridge, and i just forgot!)

I also headed to the Target Cafe to pick up a Popcorn/Drink combo (I love those) I had a $0.50 off any Target Cafe purchase from so I was happy. I also had 2 $1.00 off Target cafe kids meal purchases that were expiring today, so I made the cashier in the cafe promise that he would use those coupons on the next 2 people that bought a kids meal! I know it sounds wierd, but I like to help people. I also met a nice lady today while I was shopping and she stopped to ask me about couponing! :)

There were so many other things on my list that I wanted to buy, but that Target either didn't carry it or they were all out.. :( I didn't have time to go to another Target to finalize everything, but that's ok, There will always be the next sale!

Happy Shopping!
 - Veronica


  1. Rusty sent me the link to your blog. It's very good. You write very well. Your pix are in focus with the items artfully arranged. You should see the the awful pix on other blogs! And who couldn't get excited about saving so much money? But where are all the enthusiastic comments?

  2. lol. Thanks Jordan! I don't have too many followers yet, so I guess there's no one to comment, but I just started this blog about 5 weeks ago, so I'm very hopeful and patient that soon, people will start enthusiastically commenting!