Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Walmart Trip 3/1/11

Here's my trip to Walmart today. I usually round out my weekly trips by heading to Walmart for everything that I needed that was NOT on sale, or that I do NOT have a coupon for. Also, I did have coupons for about 5 items, but I only used them there because some of these items were exclusively at Walmart. You won't see too much savings here, but I still want to show you what my normal shopping week looks like. When I was a newbie, I was skeptical that you couldn't buy EVERYTHING on your shopping list with coupons, and it's true. However, I have been able to reduce the cost of MOST of my groceries, which in turn the leftover items are very small and overall, I'm still spending less.

Total: $66.85. Paid: $42.75

Notes: The (6) Millstone coffees were FREE plus each gave me a $0.36 overage, or "Moneymaker". Do I drink Millstone? No, but hey, I'll give it a try, afterall, it was free AND they gave me a total of $2.16 credit towards the rest of the food.

Also, I had a $10.00 giftcard from Walmart for purchasing an HP ink combo pack, which I needed. So save, save, save - that's what I do!

Keep in mind that week after week you will start acquiring things that you need, so it will lower the overall cost of your weekly shopping trips. For example, in Week One I acquired about 6 free toothpaste tubes. In Week 2, I acquired 4 free boxes of Dishwashing detergent, etc. At first, it wasn't much, but now I have a bunch of stuff and I'm only in the begining of Month 3.

This week I would have needed Pull-ups, Shampoo, Conditioner, deoderant & lotion.From stocking up during the previous weeks, I have acquired the following:
2 packs of pampers, not free but 1/2 price.
6 Shampoo & Conditioner bottles for about $0.48 - $0.67 ea.
6 deoderant's that were free.
4 lotions that were free.

This means I SAVED even more money this week, but you can't see those savings on any of my receipts... you get the picture, right?

Hope you enjoyed my first week of shopping and sharing it with you on my blog. I hope I inspire you to coupon!

Happy Shopping
 - Veronica


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